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CadCARD Slide Charts for AutoCAD - 3 Versions


METRIC Version - ANSI/Architectural Converted to METRIC - U.S. Junior Version

Save Time...Save Money...Increase Productivity

CadCARD Slide Charts are AutoCAD productivity and reference aids that feature dual functionality as educational tools. Designers, architects, engineers, drafters, trainers, students, and surveyors find them to be quick, easy-to-use aids in daily CAD tasks that would otherwise have them reaching for a calculator or user guide.  Many instructors use CadCARDs as a best AutoCAD tutorial aid to explain CAD concepts such as scale and its effect on drawing elements. CadCARDs become instant reference tools for everyone from the new user to the seasoned pro. 

CadCARD Slide Charts are compatible with all versions of AutoCAD and other software that functions with AutoCAD. In addition, many features are useful with other CAD software.
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5 1/2" x 11" (140mm x 280mm)


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